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International Friendship Day on 7 August 2022

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

International Friendship Day Music Event

We celebrated the United International Friendship Day with entertaining music and chats on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon in both Java and Seoul on the 30th of July 2022, using the streaming platform Bigo Live!

Among other dates, the Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August is the biggest popularity rival, observed in countries like Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the USA!

Reason enough not to just repeat the event, but to celebrate it with a the rock-solid determination to re-discover old bonds, to cherish current friendships, as well as to seek & to make new friends!

Bigo Live International Friendship Day August 2022 Aims

  • Strengthening existing friendships, specifically those among broadcasters and fans/followers

  • Meeting & making new friends among both performers and fellow visitors!

Int'l Friendship Day 7 August 2022


Hiyo Ribery (ID: leonair)

Sari (ID: saaariii)

Onet (ID: 754015242)

Nova Rianty (ID: novarianty)

Shil (ID: 703401315)

Riri (ID: RiRi.01)

Be Lana (ID: lana0612)

Madona (ID: MADONA38)

Fris.bee (ID: adinda.cikal)

Claire (ID: miracle999)

Pham Huyen Nhi (ID: ziziluv)

Most performance requests were issued before 30/07/22-08/01/22, others -- not shown above -- afterwards,.

Participation in this highly interactive event is free!

Through the streaming platform Bigo Live -- available on the major computer & mobile device operating systems -- visitors from all over the world can participate!

Let's make, understand & support friends!

Every action of goodwill makes us heroes!

Wire transfer

Industrial Bank of Korea


Account No. 055-067200-01-010

Account Holder: ITSACO

Add (i) the note "IFD" (short for "International Friendship Day") and (ii) the name you wish to disclose or whether you choose to remain anonymously! (iii) Upon request, your contribution will be acknowledged during this and/or future events as well as on Social Media!

Donations are shared among the performers and the organization

The singers received less for their brilliant shows than deserved! Also -- in all four prior events during 11 weeks -- there was complete loss for the organization, with hundreds of work hours of communication, advertising & PR, website & registration site management, as well as materials!

Use of donations: Among others, travel, repairs & renovations, Internet connection fixes, educational expenses, assistance to distressed family members, international fanbase building & medical bills.

The purpose for the Friendship Day donations was determined through experience and personal information given during broadcasts, observations of Social Media as well as offline encounters!


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