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Inaugural Beatles Day Eurasia 2022

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Beatles Day Eurasia 2022

Witness History in Music!

The Beatles Day Eurasia on the 10th of July celebrates the band's music as well as their ideals of harmony, love and peace!

The 'Beatles Day' was initially celebrated in Europe since 2008 -- especially in Germany and the.United Kingdom -- to commemorate the band's spectacular return to Liverpool from their 1964 United States of America tour. The Fab Four arrived after the premiere of their movie "A Hard Day's Night" on 6 July 1964 in London's Pavilion Theatre, but right on time for its soundtrack release: On the same day, the 10th of July!

Since 2010, select locations across the globe joined Beatles Day activities: New York in the USA, Shanghai & Tokyo in Asia, Sidney in Australia, Rio de Janeiro & Buenos Aires in South America, as well as the East European cities Moscow & Krakow!

Early Mid-July is particularly significant in Asia for a number of reasons:
(1) Between 24 June and 7 July 1966 -- after concerts in Germany -- the Beatles performed in Asia, namely Japan and the Philippines, with a stop-over in Dehli, India.
(2) On the occasion of the Beatles' landing in Tokyo, the locals established the Beatles Memorial Day for 29 June.
(3) For the first time, the band criticized the Vietnam War in public, during their Tokyo press conference on 30 June 1966.
(4) The combined audience of 80,000 on the 4th of July 1966 in the Philippines -- 30,000 at the 1st and 50,000 at the 2nd concert -- was the largest ever on a single day: World record for many years!
(5) The 2-day stay in India not only augmented and intensified Asian influences in the Fab Four's music but sparked the interest of the general public in the West -- not just musicians and music lovers -- in Asian culture, particularly reflected in North American and European contemporary arts!

The Beatles Day Eurasia expands the spirit of the European Beatles Day to more than 4 billion Asians! Additionally, participants from the other continents are just as much a part of the audience, especially North Americans, because after the 12-29 August USA tour 1966, the group put an end to live performances: They fully became a studio band until their last live performance 1/30/1969, the 'Rooftop Concert' on the Apple Corps Headquarter Building. Eleven months later, on 12/31/1970, Paul McCartney filed for ending the group's contractual partnership and the Beatles disbanded...

The amazing performers of the Inaugural Beatles Day Eurasia both represent and present the bands' ideals of Harmony, Love & Peace in an exemplary manner, each in her own unique way!


Hiyo Ribery (ID: leonair)

Nova Rianty (ID: novarianty)


Madona aka Clara Kharisma (ID: madona38)

Fris.bee(ID: adinda.cikal)

Claire (ID: miracle999)

Pham Huyen Nhi (ID: ziziluv)

Participation in this highly interactive event is free!

The Beatles Day Eurasia is accessible worldwide: Through one of the world's most popular streaming platform Bigo Live, available on all major computer & mobile device operating systems!

Optional donations cover organization expenses and are used for the internationalization ventures of the broadcasters, who deserve a more global audience!

Industrial Bank of Korea


Account No. 055-067200-01-010

Account Holder: ITSACO

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